To support its diverse range of traders globally, and ensure the highest level of security to its customers’ funds,-

MFI Forex is regulated by SEC and a member of the Nigerian Stock Exchange. 

WorldWideMarkets has established regulatory hubs in both Europe and the Americas.

United Kingdom
WorldWideMarkets Online Trading Limited is our United Kingdom entity and is registered and authorized by the UK Financial Conduct Authority (Registration number 604779). The United Kingdom was a strategically chosen domicile for WWM’s global expansion due to its reputation for innovative oversight and being at the forefront of customer asset protection.

The FCA has rule-making, investigative and enforcement powers to protect consumers and regulate the financial services industry. Central principles of the FCA include ensuring the protection of client money and that firms uphold their obligation to treat their customers fairly.

Oversight includes:
Advertising and promotion: Monitor clarity of language and terms as well as fulfillment.
Capital adequacy: Supported by EU-wide common reporting (COREP) based on Directives 2006/48/EC and 2006/49/EC.
Systems and Financial Reporting: (FINREP) requirements cover Financial Reporting based on International Accounting Standards (IAS) and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), as endorsed by the European Union.
Qualification and vetting of personnel for certain ‘controlled” functions.
Segregation of customer funds.
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The Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (‘MiFID’) is a European Union law that provides harmonized regulation for investment services across the 30 member states of the European Economic Area. MiFID is fully implemented by the Financial Conduct Authority of the UK, providing additional security and accountability for WWM customers that are residents of the EEA countries.

WorldWideMarkets Ltd, open to traders residing outside the United Kingdom, offers the quickest onboarding, a broader range of funding options and more frequent promotions. WorldWideMarkets, Ltd. is licensed with and regulated by the British Virgin Islands Financial Services Commission (“BVI FSC”); License No. SIBA/L/11/0960, and governed by the regulatory regime enhanced by the Securities and Investment Business Act of 2010 (SIBA). FSC firms are subject to strict regulatory scrutiny, including annual independent financial audits, annual risk assessments and compliance reporting and punitive sanctions for firms that fail to fully comply with FSC requirements. In addition, the BVI FSC requires, and WorldWideMarkets has obtained, professional indemnity insurance of up to USD1,000,000. The regulations of the BVI FSC require that customer assets are identified, accounted for, and appropriately segregated.

WorldWideMarkets is licensed with the FSC under

Category 1 – Dealing in Investments
Sub-category A – Dealing as an Agent and
Sub-Category B – Dealing as a Principal.
WorldWideMarkets is one of only four companies to have a license for dealing in investments. This is the highest and most regulated license available in the FSC regulatory framework.